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Wacky Walk’r/URBAN Walk’r
No Pull Dog Leash

Based on packaging alone, I really wanted to review this product. With it’s vibrant colours and unique (for a dog leash) clamshell packaging, they are definitely eye catching on the shelf.

Our boy Shadow really likes to pull, so I figured this leash with its “Anti-Pull Technology” was really going to be the last leash we would ever need.

The leash is made of a tubular, flexible, natural rubber latex with woven nylon straps at either end. It has a regular stainless steel swivel snap hook for col-lar/harness attachment.

This product is targeted at owners with dogs that pull. After doing a few walks with Shadow using the URBAN Walk’r, I realized that this leash did not stop him from pulling at all. What it does do, is make it more comfortable for me when he does. Due to the “stretchy” nature of the leash, it does take the strain out of my arm and shoulder. Perfect fit for anyone with shoulder injuries, wrist pain or joint issues.

I think for a dog that doesn’t pull, and stays next to you, this is a great, comfortable leash.

It’s main drawback however, if you need to effectively pull the dog away from a hazardous situation, a quick tug will only stretch the leash, not redirect the dog. If your dog found garbage on your walk, as they do, a quick pull on the lead yields little result. For my dog’s safety alone, I feel more comfortable having the control of a leash with less stretch. I realize its selling feature is also it’s flaw.

This problem is amplified with the longer Wacky Walk’r – it has so much elasticity, it feels like I’m flying a kite in a thunderstorm. Can be a little tricky when you want to “reel them in”. It does feature a traffic handle however, so should a meet-and-greet at the park not go as well as you hoped, you have another control option.

This leash does look great. With it’s retina searing bright colours and wacky stretch, there really is nothing else like it. For a well behaved dog, this leash is a perfectly fine option. For a dog that pulls, and for safety reasons, I would keep looking.

Wacky Walk’r has two leash options:
The Wacky Walk’r is the longest of their no pull leashes. It is 4.5 ft long and stretches to 7.5 ft.
The URBAN Walk’r is the shorter version at 3 ft stretching to 4.5 ft.

Each is available in 3 sizes, and 8 colours.

Pros: High Visibility. Durable. Comfortable. Easy cleaning.

Cons: Effectiveness as a no-pull training tool may only work for some. No immediate leash control.