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The PoopPot (Available at

Parts of the UK are really cracking down on pet owners who do not pick up after their pet, with some hefty fines being issued. They’re even using DNA testing to catch the offending parties. As a result, some interesting products have started popping up in the marketplace.
One such product is the PoopPot. This is an airtight, expandable rubber “pot” that is used for carrying those aromatic parcels that one racks up when walking your dog. Attached to the PoopPot is a carabiner, making it easy to attach it to your leash, backpack or belt loop.
We love this product when we take our 2 dogs hiking on trails or even around the block. The one problem with being out in the wilderness is, what to do with all those number two’s? There’s no bin for miles. The whole “should we bury it?” conversation comes up. This is a great product for storing the “merchandise” till a bin is found. Sure beats the alternatives-carrying a sweaty, smelly bag in your hand for a few hours. Whipping the offensive hand grenade into the trees for the bears to find. Putting it in your backpack! No thanks.
Alternatively, it can also be used as a treat container or food/water bowl. Its rugged design allows you to expand it for about 2 bags. When not in use, simply collapse the pot and hang it from your belt loop, you barely notice it’s there.
Being able to hang it on a backpack, keep my hands free, and not have to smell the offensive parcel in the summer heat, is well worth the price of £14.99.

The PoopPot is available in 2 sizes:
Medium/Large: Perfect for large breeds or multiple dogs.
Small: Perfect for the little guys.
Available colours are:
Purple, Grey & Pink (Large)
Blue & Green (Small)

Highly recommended. Great for hiking, camping, biking or on the boat.

Pros – Durable. Compact. Multi-use. Well designed. Air-tight.
Cons – A little pricey. May have to replace carabiner after a while.